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three live rooms and a control room, and we are able to provide pre-recorded backing tracks or musicians for your session.  Booking studio time is easy and very flexible; we can record any time night or day. The studio is also available as a training resource for small groups who wish to further their knowledge of the latest in recording technology and gain hands on experience.
Studio Specification
Technical Specification
The Ariel Recording Studio is equipped with a Digi Design ProTools 32 channel hard disk recording system linked to a pair of Alesis ADATS, 24/48/8/2 mixing desk, various TL Audio valve pre amp processors, Lexicon stereofx processors, compressors, & a tc electronic multichannel mastering compressor. The Pro Tools system has 32 channels which link optically to the ADATs 16 channels, giving a maximum of 48 channels.  The optical link also makes transferral of ADAT sessions to hard disk very quick & simple with zero signal degradation. The studio has a large selection of Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser and Shure microphones with 8 channels of D.I.  We also have a large selection of outboard equipment from companies such as tc electronics, TL Audio, Lexicon, Alesis and Behringer, including multi-band mastering compressors, stereo multi effects processors, valve pre-amp/compressors, multi band graphic E.Q.s, compressors and gates. Mastering on to DAT, CD, MD or cassette.

 Prices start from £25 per hour